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Apex becomes the ABAP of SaaS?

// Johan Eltes

I’m at QCon listening to sessions of “The Cloud as the New Middleware Platform” track. One of the sessions was about the platform of SalesForce is a Software As A Service (SaaS) application within the CRM domain. It is built on a generic service development platform called “”. So SalesForce is just an example of an application built on the SaaS platform.

The platform has a lot of nifty 4GL features that boosts development of business applications (the domain of The more I heard about, the more it made me think about SAP MySap ERP application and the business application platform on which SAP applications have been built for ages.

The loop was closed when the SalesForce architect revealed a proprietary business logic language named Apex (The SAP business logic language is named “ABAP”). As SaaS grows, it will be interesting to see if becomes the “SAP of SaaS”.