Callista Enterprise medarbetare Björn Beskow

Automated acceptance testing – a Holy Grail? Presentation

// Björn Beskow

Presentation från Callista Developer's Conference 2004

With the rise of Agile Methodologies, Testing has received a central role as one of the critical success factors for agility. But Unit Testing, while tremendously popular and valuable, is not in itself sufficient. The interesting (and hence error-prone) aspects of most applications often take place between units, not inside them. This is where Acceptance Testing comes into play, opening a whole range of interesting questions:

  • What is really the difference between Unit Testing and Acceptance Testing?
  • How can Acceptance Tests be expressed in a language which makes sense both to customers and developers?
  • Can Acceptance Tests be automated as cost-effectively as Unit Tests?
  • Can we use some of the tools and lessons learned from Unit Testing in automating Acceptance Testing as well?

In this talk, principles, frameworks and best practices for automated acceptance testing are described.

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