Javaforum 2014: Rethink your frontend architecture


Javaforum 2014: Rethink your frontend architecture

Joakim kommer att prata på Javaforum i Göteborg om hur man bygger en modern frontend arkitektur för dagens och morgondagens applikationer.

The users are becoming pickier and pickier about the applications they use. The applications must be fast, beautiful and they should be usable from any computer or mobile phone. How can a modern architecture combined with modern technologies help us create applications that meat their expectations?

Joakim will take a healthcare system, built as a typical web application in 2000s, and guide you through a demo where new JavaScript frameworks and new technologies, such as WebSockets, gives the system a much better user experience. He will show you that the new way of building applications also gives you other advantages and that it might enable you to create new types of applications.

Hopefully this presentation and demo will convince you that it’s time to rethink your frontend architecture.

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