Callista provide expert consultants specialized in applied IT architecture, agile development and solutions based on open source.

Who we are

We are consultants with technical expertise in IT Architecture, Open Source Technology, Agile Development and the Java Platform. Callista consultants are both curious and innovative and strive to make a difference. We are happy to take leading roles in exciting and strategically important projects, where we help our customers to implement cutting edge solutions.

We are engaged in architecture, frontend and backend development. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions within system development and choose technologies and methods that are of practical use to our customers.

At Callista consultants have a long experience and a deep knowledge of their area of competence. We encourage our architects to code and most of our developers also have an interest in architecture. We have experience of leading cloud platforms, container technologies and container orchestration platforms. At Callista we know what it takes to succeed with cloud technology and microservices. At Callista we believe in sharing our knowledge and experience to our customers and colleagues in the industry through our assignments, meetups, blogs and conferences.

We are located in Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden. We have been active since 2000 and are 100% owned by ourselves.



We are driven by curiosity and endeavor to constantly develop our competence. With us, every individual has the opportunity to develop into an authority within their areas of interest. Competence development is an ongoing process, where we make significant investments in time and money every year.


We have a passionate interest in architecture and software, and are passionate about creating results and benefits for our customers. We share interesting discoveries via blogs or other channels, and are happy to participate in external contexts such as networks, conferences and open-source projects.


All employees are involved and influence the company’s future development, and decisions are made in a democratic spirit. We strive for the greatest possible openness in internal processes and the work of management.


We help each other solve problems both within the company and in customer assignments. Through collaboration, we develop our competence and create results in the best way. Each consultant has the company’s overall competence behind them in carrying out his assignment.


We strive for architectural and technical solutions that are sustainable. Our work is permeated by integrity and honesty, and we build long-term relationships with our customers. Reflection and a focus on quality lies as a base for our growth.

What makes us unique

Our core business

IT Architecture is our core business. Every consultant at Callista is an experienced IT architect and/or a proficient senior developer.

What we do

We offer expertise in Cloud Technology & Microservices, Frontend, Technology Transition and e-Health.

Our blog

You can read many technical articles and conference presentations in English in our blog.

Fore more information about Callista

Please contact Anders Forssell or Katarina Askdal.