Jfokus 2014: Angular vs Ember vs Backbone and Knockout

2014-02-03 - 2014-02-05

Jfokus 2014: Angular vs Ember vs Backbone and Knockout

Joakim kommer att prata på Jfokus i Stockholm om Angular, Ember och Backbone och hur man ska tänka när man väljer ramverk för en riktig webapplikation.

You’ve probably heard about MVC in the browser by now. You’ve heard about Backbone, Knockout, Angular and Ember so you try to make a choice. You read the documentation, you check out the examples and create a simple demo application and finally you choose. Nine months later you are deep in the trenches of the framework and the simple examples suddenly feels misguiding. Did you make the wrong choice?

Joakim made a similar journey. The solution worked fine but since he really wanted to know if a different framework would have been a better choice he decided to try. He implemented several of the most complicated parts of the system using both Angular and Ember and compared it to his Backbone/Knockout solution. In this talk Joakim will guide you through this journey, share his findings and let you know where each framework shines.

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