ny react meetup


ny react meetup

Welcome back from summer holiday, fun, sea surf.. and such like …

It’s about time we kickstart our React lives, by starting the autumn term with a new meetup.

The Talks :

Things react has taught me - Fredrik Christenson ( Ticketmaster )

I want to share the 3 things that I love about react along with some tips that I’ve found very useful for improving my code. Presenting insights and some examples.

_.compose as in Recompose - Stephen White ( Callista )

Recompose is fast becoming the new _ for react, enforcing a functional approach with higher order components becoming first class citizens, enabling great testability, separation of concerns and composition.

I’ll walk through the basic api and refactor some components with recompose highlighting where and when you should use the api.

Doors open at 18 with the talks begining at 18.30(ish).

Look forward to seeing you all!