React meetup


React meetup

We’re pleased to announce that the next ReactJS meetup will be a collaboration between Got Lambdas ( and us Neutrinos. As a result we’ll have a functional theme to the evening.

Talks :

Intro to Functional Programming - with JavaScript, ClojureScript and PureScript - ( Jean-Louis lambda )

Recompose - a walkthrough by example: explaining HOCS, composition and how this originates from basic functional concepts. Benefits of a functional approach, to composing your react components, test, redux and of avoiding bloated components.. ( Stephen neutrino )

Schema : 18.30 - Doors open - fika

18.45 - Functional Programming - Q&A

19.50 - Recompose - Q&A

20.30 - Mingle

21.00 - Finish

See you soon, /Stephen.