React Meetup


React Meetup

Cross Functional React

I’m really excited to present a rich and varied collection of talks on our 10th Anniversary!!

This time we’ll be mixing meetup speakers from the Got Lambdas and the Sketch & Design meetup as well as Christina from the React meetup.

The talks will span enterprise grade projects, to airbnb’s awesome react-sketchapp and how it’s the perfect match for designers/coders and then to the new ReasonML language.

As a result it’d be great if you get there early for fika and then we can kickoff at 18 on the dot.

Heres the line up:

17:30 : Doors open

18.00 : Patterns for handling Code Base Growth - Christina Ljungberg

18:45 : React-SketchApp - Erik Thorelli

19:30 : Break

19:45 : Reason ML - Fredrik Dyrkell

21:00 : Finish