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Callista medarbetare Johan Eltes

The Reference Architecture, a foundation for successful projects Presentation

// Johan Eltes

Presentation från Callista Developer's Conference 2004

Large projects are forced to make many technical decisions; spanning from how to achieve a service oriented architecture to standards for CM and source code structure. Rapid decisions are often taken as a result of intensive workshops with whiteboards and markers. But what happens next? Far too often, the project manager has to report severe project delays due to technical refactorings of various kinds. It in not uncommon that as much as 30% of the initial resources of a project are devoted to discussing the plethora of architectural issues that sooner or later must be addressed. The Rational Unified Process and other process frameworks points to the Reference Architecture as an important tool to relive this burden, enabling projects to focus on the business problems instead.

This talk presents experiences from both developing and implementing reference architectures in large, mission critical projects.

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