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Callista medarbetare Johan Eltes

New milestones reached for Service Component Architecture

// Johan Eltes

Service Component Architecture (SCA) moves on both in its adoption and in its evolution:

BEA has announces support for SCA v. 1.0 in its Project Genesis preview. This is the first offering from the major SOA infrastructure suppliers. IBM did announce prototypical support for SCA 0.9 in a SOA support-pack for WebSphere Application Server a while ago. This was based on a very unstable, and feature-lacking version of the Apache SCA project labeled Tuscany. No tooling was included. BEA releases a preview of a fully integrated SCA implementation, including tooling, as part of Web Logic 10.3.2, targeting GA for second half of 2008.

The spec it self has reached an important milestone, in that a draft transaction policy has been released. There is now a technology-independent model for declaring transaction semantics on operations of SCA services, including Java-based annotations. This will then become a unified annotation model across WS-*, EJB 3 and Spring transaction annotations.

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