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Callista medarbetare Magnus Larsson

Using soi-toolkit to create secure HTTPS services (SOAP or REST style) in Mule ESB

// Magnus Larsson

Have you ever tried to setup a secure communication using HTTPS?

With mutual authentication, a service consumer, an ESB in the middle, a service producer and a number of certificates and truststores this can be quite challenging and time consuming. This is however a very typical integration scenario that we help our customers to implement over and over again. Getting all the security configuration in place at the same time always seem to be a challenge…

Based on experiences from a number of projects we have added support in the latest version of soi-toolkit, v0.6.0, to automate the initial setup of secure communication in Mule ESB using HTTPS with mutual authentication.

Soi-toolkit is integrated with Mule Studio as a Eclipse plugin and can after a few clicks create a proper setup for you including mule flow, unit and integration tests, test consumer, teststub for the service producer, sample certificates and truststore and a property file that you can use to simply replace the sample certificates to your own once you are ready for that.

A sample secure mule flow created by soi-toolkit looks like:

Mule Flow

…and execution of the generated unit and integration tests looks like:

jUnit tests

A tutorial on the subject is available at create a secure request/response service using HTTPS with mutual authentication.

In this tutorial you can as well get help on testing the secure service using soapUI:


…and see a proof on that the secure setup actually works:


Give it a try and run through the tutorial!

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