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Callista medarbetare Jan Västernäs

Stephen arrangerar react meetup

// Jan Västernäs

Stephen White har drivit react meetup i Göteborg under många år och nu är det dags för ytterligare ett möte. Vad sägs om:

Into the Metaverse of Madness!

Hi Neutrinos!,

and welcome to another enthralling React Göteborg Meetup. This time, in the metaverse that is Hiberworld with a twist of Figmagic, to help us make sense of Design Systems.

Hiber will be hosting, with Pizza and Beer at their fancy new offices in Vallgatan.

We’ll follow the usual schema, doors at 18, mingle, then presentations and mingle through to 21.


Stephen - Callista


Will and Jonas - Hiber

Hiber is building a platform for the metaverse, where anyone can create and share 3D experiences. The star of the show is a game engine which supports native environments like iOS, as well as WebAssembly. Jonas will talk about the design decisions and the architecture behind this, and Wilhelm will share a demo of how to integrate native rendering with React Native on iOS.

Mikael Vesavuori - Polestar

DevOps for Design: Using Figmagic to support continuous design

The presentation will give you a brief introduction to Figmagic, a command line tool that brings the DevOps era to visual design. Figmagic is a tool for structured design, helping you to automate the extraction of design tokens, outputting graphics, and generating basic React components from Figma designs. You’ll get to understand some of the problems in the field of design-to-code, as well as practically see how to get started with Figmagic.

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