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Callista medarbetare Björn Beskow

Jfokus takeaway: Domain Storytelling

// Björn Beskow

When I gave a talk at Jfokus this May, it was my first physical conference since the pandemic. Among many interesting talks, my main take-away was Henning Schwentner’s presentation on Domain Storytelling.

Domain Storytelling

Domain Storytelling is a highly interactive technique for reasoning about a domain, in order to facilitate the interaction between domain experts and developers.


A fully matured Domain Model represents the destilled, detailed knowledge about a domain. It is formally represented in all software artifacts and often visualized and described in formal, elaborated modeling languages (such as e.g. UML).

A visual representation can be an extremely efficient means of communication. Yet, in early stages of the joint modelling effort performed by developers and business experts together, the technical, geeky nature of UML may be distractive rather than helpful when reasoning about the essentails of the domain. The formality and level of details implied by a formal UML model may shield fundamental misunderstandings or misconceptions.

By focusing only on the the relevant people, activities and work items of the domain, Domain Storytelling offers a much simplified visual modeling language. The business experts describe the core needs and information flows as Stories, and the team jointly captures and visualizes them in the simplified, pictographic language. It promises to greatly promote interaction and early feedback, and help bridge the dreaded semantic gap between developers and business experts.

I believe Domain Storytelling can be yet another good tool to have in the toolbelt. I look forward to have a chance to try it out for real soon!

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