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Callista medarbetare Jan Västernäs

Is JDO (Java Data Objects) better than Entity Beans? Presentation

// Jan Västernäs

Presentation från Callista Developer's Conference 2004

In the beginning, there were only objects. They were created, lived and communicated with each other. On day, someone turned off the power, and the need for persistency became obvious. Nowadays, there are no long-lived objects left, only a huge amount of loosely coupled DTOs flowing back and forth through our service oriented components. But the need for persistency of course remains. Since object databases haven’t reached any substantial marked penetration, we have to solve the mismatch that occurs when objects are to be stored in relational databases. There exists several different solutions to this problem, among them JDO which has received quite some attention and interest lately.

This talk will briefly describe how JDO works, and compare it to some alternative approaches.

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