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Blog Series - Building Microservices

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This blog series cover various aspects of building microservices using Java and Go with supporting services from Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS and the ELK-stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana). The series also cover how to deploy microservices in both the cloud and on premises using application platforms and infrastructures for Docker containers, e.g. container orchestration tools.

Introduction blog post

An operations model for Microservices - An introduction blog post that motivates why supporting services from Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS are required in a microservices based system landscape.

Language specific blog posts

Java Go
Part 1: Using Netflix Eureka, Ribbon and Zuul Part 1: Introduction and rationale for Go microservices
Part 2: Trying out the circuit breaker, Netflix Hystrix Part 2: Building our first Go microservice
Part 3: Secure API’s with OAuth 2.0 Part 3: Embedding a data store and serving JSON
Part 4: Dockerize your Microservices Part 4: Unit testing HTTP services with GoConvey
Part 5: Upgrade to Spring Cloud 1.1 & Docker for Mac Part 5: Deploying on Docker Swarm
  Part 6: Adding health checks
  Part 7: Service Discovery & Load-balancing
  Part 8: Centralized configuration using Spring Cloud config and Viper
  Part 9: Messaging with AMQP
  Part 10: Logging with Logrus and Docker’s log drivers
  Part 11: Circuit Breakers and resilience with Hystrix

Stay tuned for more posts!